Clinical Psychology

Dr. phil. Janine is an Australian trained Clinical Psychologist with a PhD in Psychology (The University of Adelaide, SA, Australia). With respect to work in Germany Dr. phil. Janine Peckham is registered (Heilpraktikerin auf dem Gebiet der Psychotherapie). Dr. phil. Janine is passionate about psychology and what it has to offer the community.

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B.A. (Psychology), Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.

Professional Diploma in Applied Psychology, Bond University, Qld, Australia.

Masters of Psychology (Clinical), Charles Sturt University, NSW, Australia.

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), The University of Adelaide, SA, Australia.


Registered as a Clinical Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency, (AHPRA) PSY0001356702.
Heilpraktikerin ohne Bestallung auf dem Gebiet der Psychotherapie.


Australian Psychology Society (APS)

Welcome to Psychology On Auen

All of us have times in our lives when situations or events overwhelm our ability to cope. This may have been occurring for some period of time or it may be a general feeling of discontentment with ourselves, our lives, or our relationships.

In these times professional assistance can help us resume balance in our lives and resolve issues. Psychology on Auen provides clinical psychology services to individuals and families.

Dr. phil. Janine Peckham welcomes you to make contact with Psychology on Auen and looks forward to assisting you. She offers psychological services as an native English speaker.


My Approach

Dr. phil. Janine is an English speaking psychologist in Germany (Munich - München) and is committed to providing quality, individually tailored psychological care to her community. Her therapeutic style is warm and collaborative and she will endeavour to provide a safe environment for you to share your concerns and reach your therapeutic goals.

Dr. phil. Janine’s approach is evidence based, hence you can be assured that the new skills you learn are proven to assist you with symptom relief. Dr. phil. Janine has extensive experience in providing short, medium and long-term psychotherapy and she abides by the ethics of the Australian Psychological Society.


Getting Started

New clients often report feeling a little nervous making their first contact with a Psychologist. Dr. phil. Janine understands that the first step is a big step and will endeavour to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

In case you need a German psychologist (Psychologische Psychotherapeutin) in Munich, we recommend Dipl.-Psych. Eva-Maria Kerp in Bogenhausen or Dipl.-Psych. Rosemarie Schöchle in Glockenbachviertel.

For Enquiries and Appointments

For appointments or enquiries please contact Dr. phil. Janine Peckham via telephone or email.

+49 (0) 89 20326884
+49 (0) 1523 1929790